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Feature class to geodatabase add to Contents

07-17-2023 02:43 PM
Status: Open
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I'm wondering if it's possible to enhance the Feature Class to Geodatabase tool to make it possible to add its output to the Contents menu just like many other geoprocessing tools do?

The use case I have is within ArcGIS Pro Tasks. Near the end of one of my tasks, I want the user to be able to export multiple feature layers to a geodatabase of their choosing. Feature Class to Geodatabase can do this, except I also want those outputs to be added to the map, which it currently, as far as I can tell, can't do.

I was able to get this working by batching the Feature Class to Feature Class tool (kind of, there's still an issue with assigning the correct output fields). But seeing as how that tool has a note on it that it's going away and being replaced by Export Features using that method doesn't seem like a long term solution.

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Small addition. I tried batching the Feature Class to Geodatabase tool and thought maybe I found the solution because it includes a checkbox to Add output datasets to an open map. However, I think this might just be a default checkbox on all batched tools as it did not add the outputs to my map when run.

Add output datasets.jpg