extract multivalues to polygons

08-27-2020 10:40 AM
Status: Open
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Extract multivalues to points is a user-friendly easy-to-use tool.  I'd like to see an Extract multivalues to polygons tool.  Currently this can be done in one of two ways.  The first option is to convert the polygons to a centroid point, run the extract multivalues to points tool, and then join the results back to the polygon.  The other option is to run the Zonal Statistics as table tool and join those results back.  Why not save a few steps and just create an Extract Multivalues to Polygons tool?


Hi Thomas,

what's your use case for this one?


I'm not sure that I 100% follow, but this is a very common workflow for me in Desktop.  I frequently have polygons that I want to pull raster values to.  Sometimes these are forest stands.  Sometimes individual Landsat pixels.  Points are fine, but many times having the individual footprints of the polygons are essential, especially with rasters where different rasters may have different cell alignments.



I don't work with raster processing but,

sounds like using the regular spatial join tool with the one-to-many option

to push the points into the polygons and it create many polygons for the common/intersected ones

Am I close?


Hi Bill.  Correct.  It isn't hard to put together a tool that does this in ModelBuilder.  I just think that it would be a nice one for Esri to include in their standard tools so that people don't have to build a model.