Extend Proxy Authentification Restriction (32 characters) for Enterprise Databases in ArcGIS Pro

01-04-2021 06:37 AM
Status: Open
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We are facing with the problem of limit in number of characters with proxy authentification in database connections in ArcGIS Pro.
We are aware that proxy authentifications are possible in ArcGIS. There is also article about that: https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000010854

In our case we have schema of 21 characters and proxy of 11 characters. Finally, proxy authentification has 34 characters.
ArcGIS Pro isn't supporting so long user name, the restriction is 32 characters.
Ej. Schema: ORGE_REPORTING_APP_RO (= 21 char.) Proxy: GOV_ALJELEN (= 11 char.) Proxy authentification: GOV_ALJELEN[ORGE_REPORTING_APP_RO] (= 34 char.)

In our usage are also usernames with proxy authentification with more that 62 characters. With Oracle database there is no restrictions and so long usernames are possible.

Another restrictive things are that Oracle database controls of data input. This should be done only by Oracle Client which is only relevant and mandatory with usage of ArcGIS Pro.

This is really unpleasant restriction. Enterprise Database providers as MS SQL and Oracle have no restrictions in limit of usernames, schema names etc.
Why Esri has still have those restrictions in enterpise databases?