Expose the path of the ArcGIS Pro resource templates as a parameter

06-30-2016 12:36 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Exposing the ArcGIS Pro resource templates as a parameter (on a config file or on the registry) would be really useful for administrators. They would be able to centralize custom templates on a single shared folder and set the path to the folder for all the ArcGIS Pro users.


Allow us to change the default path (like to a network drive location) so default templates can be more readily available accross the organization.

Yes...I can add this to arcgis online, and then navigate and browse to it but having it on the front page of the app would be much more useful, especially since in an organization we never use the default templates.


I upvoted, but you can do this yourself, which is very cool, never would have thought of this...


ahhh....your idea is to move the folder that Pro looks for when populating the default template dialogue. My upvote still stands! Great idea!


Yeah, I think that would be the most functional. If we only use 3 or 4 different starter templates and none of them are the esri default, then the default template dialog is useless and what could take one click now takes 3 or 4.

Let us customize this default starter template folder to point to a network location or ArcGIS online folder. Then I can publish these default templates to a network location, or arcgis online group, for everyone in our organization to access each time they open pro (rather than having to copy a template to their c drive manually each time).

ArcMap had this ability using the arcmap administration tool. With pro this functionality is even more important I believe since pro templates are so much more complex. They contain things that ArcMap doesn't have - Mapped folders per project, default databases, and layout/maps. This can be quite time consuming for users to set up each time which means templates are the solution since I can set up mapped folders, database connections, and all that in a template and share it across our organization.


My organisation has the same problem. Users can't easily locate custom made templates.


Any news on this idea?

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Any news on this "under consideration" idea ?


Hi @Adrien No, we don't have any further update on this just yet. i.e. the Under Consideration status is still accurate. See https://community.esri.com/t5/community-help-documents/arcgis-ideas-submission-guidelines-and-status...


It is something we want to do, but have not been able to schedule into a release yet. Is setting up templates through a portal/groups not an option for you and your organization?