Export Domain Usage results to a table

04-08-2021 12:45 PM
Status: Open
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The Domain Usage interface in Pro is very helpful, but currently the results are only viewable within that pane.  It would be helpful if the results could be exported to a table (ideally via a tool within Data Management->Domains), perhaps commonly supported formats as we have come to expect with Geoprocessing tools - geodatabase, DBF, TXT, etc.

Once that information is in a table, then it can be used to drive automated reports of domain usage so we know what feature classes or tables are going to be affected by updating one or many domains.  Currently it must be visually filtered in Pro, and then retype that information somewhere else for, say, a manager or data steward to review, or when composing a notification sent to users of an upcoming change.


Has there been any progress on this one? I also very interested in a report or table format result for my entire GDB.


@Map2021 nothing that I've heard... it remains an "open" "idea".  Share with your friends & coworkers to upvote the idea.  I am not attending the UC this year but if anyone following this idea is, and would like to bring it up with the ESRI geodatabase or Pro teams present, that would be great!  Our organization is not yet fully in Pro so I am relying on some ArcGIS Desktop/Python 2.x tools for now that I wrote to accomplish the same result but they only work for Oracle, and we are getting ready to migrate to SQL Server when we put ArcGIS Pro into production.


Yes please! Also the ability to batch edit the domains. For example, I want to swap one domain for a new one in 30+ feature classes.


@mrosekulick what do you mean by swap?  Change a fields domain from one domain to another domain that already exists in the geodatabase?  For example change a field's domain from dom_A to dom_B...  I'd use https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/tool-reference/data-management/assign-domain-to-field.htm 


Wouldn't even need to be a full export if we could at the bare minimum copy the rows from the Domain Usage tool window and paste them into a spreadsheet.


I have enterprise geodatabases with hundreds of domains, some of which are definitely now redundant, and the only way I have of cleaning it up is to go through the list of the domains one by one and see if they are still in use or not.  Having a tool that could generate a report would be really helpful for us.