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export all contents, esp. georeferenced images in kmz

10-21-2010 11:41 AM
Status: Closed
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I am glad that the new Arcgis Explorer can open kmz files directly. It is able to show points, polylines and polygons as well as georeferenced images (sample maps or imagery from other sources) wrapped up in the kmz file. I like it very much. However, when I want to export the files inside kmz, I can only export points, polylines and polygons. There is no way that I can export georeferenced images. I did get around by "sharing" the images as bounding polygons, but often time their projection gets messed up and I had to spend a great deal of time to adjust them. Wouldn't it be nice if I can export georeferenced images in kmz directly and keep the right location information? I wonder if ArcGIS 10 desktop can directly add kmz and do all that I describe above? Do I need an extension or is there better/easier way to do it. I just don't want to georeference it again if it already get georeferenced in google earth.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

There are no further plans for future development in this area. ArcGIS Pro supports drawing kmz files which included georeferenced images natively, or you can use the KML To Layer geoprocessing tool to convert all contents of the kml to a geodatabase, including converting the kmz images into a mosaic dataset.

Status changed to: Closed