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Expandable Symbology Layers List

07-05-2019 12:03 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

As Symbology layers are becoming more popular in ArcGIS Pro, we need a UI which supports many symbol layers.  I recommend adding a resizable split-pane which would allow us to see all the symbol layers in the symbology properties pane. See the attached image.

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Pro makes it very tedious to manage symbols involving more than a couple symbol classes -- the area at the top of the pane is not resizable. It also does not respond to the scroll wheel as many would expect, and as is true with the lower half of the pane.


Making this area expandable would help. While it would encroach on the already cramped parameters in the bottom half of the pane, that is another area that could be reorganized and made more intuitive than a long, scrolling, single-column space-wasting sea of toggles.