Expandable Layer Properties / Legend Properties

10-28-2010 08:03 AM
Status: Closed
New Contributor III

Provide the ability to expand the Legend Properties dialogue box as well as the Layer Properties dialogue box. It is difficult when working with over 10 categories in the symbology tab and not being able to see them all at once.


This is especially frustrating when using the "Unique values, many fields"  option for symbology, the added Value Fields boxes shrink the symbology window even further and I can only see 6 categories at a time.

Besides this, more interactive and effective approach to legend modification would be appreciated: Create and manage Legend directly in the Layout View.
Status changed to: Closed

Closing this as it was a request for ArcMap. The layer properties dialog box in ArcGIS Pro can be expanded as requested, and the part about legend properties is no longer applicable as that is part of a pane in Pro.