Expand New Snapping to have Option for Layer Inclusion/Exclusion

07-28-2011 10:45 AM
Status: Open
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The new snapping in release 10 gives a clearer experience and more control in some areas, however, it also reflects a loss of control in other areas.  This works perfectly for data sets with limited layers, however, to use snapping with a large number of layers snapping can be a bit overwhelming.  We would like to see an expanding of the 10 snapping environment to make it more in line with other tools in ArcGIS and to include positives from 'classic snapping'.  What we have in mind is to create snapping environments that you can save and load like layer files, that would be specific to include or exclude layers from the options.  This would cut down on the amount of calculations that ArcMap must perform in a crowded or dense drawing situation and a better user experience.  This way if I need to edit my electric data set or a base map data set, I can load the snapping environment that I desire and the version 10 snapping will only respect only those feature classes that I need.  The new snapping is much better than the manual classic snapping, however, providing layer options in the version 10 snapping environment would help make the new snapping more complete and help classic snapping move on to retirement..  The import / export of the environments would only make snapping more versatile for users of ArcGIS.
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I agree that we need some sort of merger between Classic Snapping and ArcGIS 10 Snapping. 

The workflow where this is needed is when you are trying to edit data which may be relatively few features in one file geodatabase feature class and have them snap to relatively few features in another geodatabase feature class BUT have one or two large ArcSDE feature classes drawn for reference.  ArcGIS 10 Snapping will send the editing tools into a spin as it tries to snap to everything drawn.

Reverting to Classic Snapping enables the snapping desired above to work well but you lose the SnapTips and their great feedback.
GEOSECMA for ArcGIS users are lucky. They already have this functionality.