Excel like Attribute Table formatting and control

01-26-2011 05:56 AM
Status: Open
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Ideas inspired by Excel UI to improve flexibility and readability of Attribute Table working environment: 
  • Change the column width and row height to fit cell contents (not field length).
  • Set exact column width and row height parametrically. Match column width to another.
  • Adjust height of records manually with mouse.
  • Zoom controls available in Table navigation toolbar (slider and parametric entry/list box).
  • Show sorting direction in field title.
  • Comments available for each cell, record and field to store user notes and explanations.
  • Indicate cell’s contents overflow with icon or ellipsis. Display full value in a tooltip.
  • Indicate which fields are active in Layer Definition Query (if present).
  • Field display filtering (for working purposes like Excel AutoFilter).
  • Fill and border formatting.
  • Missing Select All and Add Field buttons in Table window toolbar for quick access. Possibility to customize Table window toolbar.
+ indicate which fields are used for labeling (distinguish label classes)
  • split Attribute Table into two panes to view two parts of the table simultaneously and control each pane separately 
  • automatic cell word wrap
  • distinguish different field data types by color (both heading and column)
  • active hyperlink directly in cell (not only through identify)

It would be extremely useful to build the ability to embed notes into the table field names of each geodata layer. These fields would allow a detailed description of the name to be integrated, much clearer than what can be entered in the Alias field. From the Data Design option, the user could not only incorporate the field description, but could choose whether to display it or not. If the user chooses to display it, this description could appear every time the corresponding field is pointed to within the attribute table, allowing the user to better understand the content of that field, particularly when the content is encoded.

This feature would be extremely useful not only for ArcGis Pro users but also for ArcGis Online applications, when sharing data layers through Experience for ArcGis and other online applications in the ESRI ecosystem. It's something like clarifying notes that are posted to a field in an online survey on a form using the Survey 123 for ArcGis tool.

The intention is to simulate in the attribute table in ArcGis Pro what is done in Microsoft Excel with comments, when we have a spreadsheet and an explanatory note is placed on the content of that field in the first row, where the names of the fields are.