Excel Like and Autodesk Civil 3D Like - Who Row of Attribute Value Copy Ability

05-06-2021 10:59 AM
Status: Open
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Dear All,

I believe it will be super handy to be able to copy the whole role of attribute values and paste them to the new feature row(s) with exact the same attribute values without using things like "Calculate Filed" or "Module Builder" and other tools for sure.

Please see my video demonstration using Civil 3D.

I believe more excel like (even include some pattern learning feature such as Ctrl + E or Ctrl + D) will make ArcGIS Pro Attribute Table extremely user-friendly and powerful! without needing to write your own python or arcade codes for things like "auto increment serial number" etc.




Thank you for submitting this idea @rsun_TQB !

This is requested as the first bullet point on this idea https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-ideas/excel-like-attribute-table-editing-and-selection/idi-... but as it is quite old at this point and lists out a number of various ideas as one post (making it impossible to understand which parts are being voted on), it will be best to keep this very clear and concise idea open.

Thanks again!



@KoryKramer Thank you! I believe this feature will make ArcGIS Pro extremely powerful and user-friendly!