Error Inspector - consider incorporating Exception pulldown

04-05-2021 03:23 PM
Status: Open
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While working in a topology I wanted to set an Exception. I tried clicking the box under the Exception heading expecting a pull down for True or False. I expected to see a pulldown as offered for creating rules. I tried selecting and unselecting the error, selecting and unselecting the feature, looked up help docs.

Finally it dawned on me to click the Preview - Details - Fix <- Ah Ha moment!

That is where I found the option to Mark as Exception. 

Please consider allowing more direct interaction under the Exception heading so users can immediately toggle True/False/Clear

Full disclosure - ArcMap user for 20 years now transitioning to AGP.

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Hi @LuciaBarbato1 Thank you for submitting this idea!  Just a quick note that you can also right-click the row header to directly interact with that instead of going to the Fix tab.  


But I see what you're saying with adding more context directly from the Exception column.