Enhance the datum transformation warning

06-09-2021 07:55 AM
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The datum transformation warning is singularly unenlightening it it's lack of information and can benefit from some tweaking. The base massage of:


Should be extended include the feature that generated the error. Sorry, my graphic arts skills are not that good so I can't mark up an exhibit. Between the Transformation Warning header and the details I would like  to see something like:

Transformation Warning

Feature: {featurename}
Details expansion1
{featurname} is using:
{featureprojection} with

{map} is using:

Details expansion2
The esri help text 



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The Transformation Warning only occurs the first time you load a map in a session. If you load a map once then close it then load it again (by clicking on the map in "Maps") it won't issue the warning again. This makes it harder to troubleshoot, because you can't remove a layer and refresh or remove a layer and close and reopen the map.

I wish I could give this idea more than one "kudo".