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Enhance find features functionality

08-17-2011 05:30 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor
Enhance Find Features tool to be more interactive, responsive and ready to use like search window (maybe integrate find and search window, to be at one place) and provide additional functionality:
  • Visualize find results immediately – highlight all found features (and labels) in the Data Frame
  • Area specific search – find features within current display extent only or user drawn range
  • Layer specific search – find features within layers/groups selected in TOC
  • Find and/or select features (at the same time) with same or similar characteristics:
    1. Find/select features with this or similar attribute (in Attribute Table)
    2. Find/select features drawn with this symbol (in TOC and Data Frame)
    3. Find/select features by similar shape, area or length, etc.
    4. Find/select features identical to chosen feature’s attribute (in Data Frame)

0EM30000000CrDX     0EM30000000CrDI

0EM30000000CrDN     0EM30000000CrDS

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This is all a good idea.  What I mostly want though is the ability to find only in the extent visible in the window.

Example.  I am trying to find a customer that is supposed to be at 141 Main Street.  Well you may have 25 cities in your map and most of them have a main street.  I would like to be able to navigate to the given city then do a FIND for Main Street and I will result in all the customers with a Main Street address.  I can then sort them and find the approximate location between two addresses

Find should also support Layer Groups in TOC to limit scope of search and support searching a few feature classes rather than all or one FC limitation today.


Robert -

What could help you is within the Find dialog on the locations tab moving the check box to limit to map extent to the main dialog box to support all three types of find (for my 10.3.1 install anyway - others might have more or fewer)