Enable the ability to lock or freeze the extent/scale of a data frame in the layout view.

03-30-2010 02:33 PM
Status: Implemented
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This would be a major help when working in situations where I am constantly switching between data frames in the same map document in Data View, while at the same time, preparing my map elements for each within Layout View.

Very nice idea...  They have the 2 functions but they are just not put together.  The bookmark tool with the lock scale.. 
I may be misunderstanding your idea but if you right click on the dataframe in layout view, select properties from the menu, and set a fixed extent on the data frame tab it locks the data extent of the dataframe, there is also the option to set the scale here. Unfortunately, it also locks it in the data view as well.
YES. Please keep Dataframe zoom, position, rotation etc. settings for Layout and Data View separated. It would significantly simplify work. ESRI could take inspiration from AutoCAD (multiple layouts too).
I second duri's comment.  Setting a fixed scale/extent in data frame properties is only a partial solution because, as DougR pointed out, it also locks it in the data view. In AutoCAD one can lock a viewport in paper space (equivalent to the data frame in layout view in ArcMap) but it has no effect on model space (equivalent to data view in ArcMap). This would allow one to concentrate on map design in layout view without accidentally changing data frame scale or extent but still allow zoom/pan in data view during data editing.
I agree with this. Arcmap really need to get there layout views up to scratch. Something very similar to paperspace in AutoCAD would be the way to go in my opinion.
Status changed to: Implemented

This is available with map frame constraints and the separation between map views and layout map frames in ArcGIS Pro.