Enable drawing order of neatline within the components of a map grid/graticule

03-13-2022 10:55 AM
Status: Open
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When adding a grid/graticule to a map frame in a layout, a neatline is added along with labels, ticks, gridlines and intersection points.  The user can adjust the drawing order of all of these components, except for the neatline.  Unfortunately, the neatline is drawn BEFORE these other components, so the neatline doesn't make things 'neat'.  Here is an example where the gray gridlines overlap the black neatline:


This is probably not what is expected by most cartographers who want to draw a neatline.  The desired effect is shown below, where a second grid that only contains a neatline is added to the layout, and drawn on top of the first grid.


The drawing order of a grid neatline should probably be changed to be the last component of a grid to be drawn, or ideally, the neatline could be added to the  Components list of a grid so it's drawing order can be controlled by the user.



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