Enable credit based use of Advanced License Tools

03-19-2019 09:36 AM
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I'm currently working on a new line of network analysis for my company, and I've run into the need for a few tools that require an advanced license. I have an abundance of service credits available, and I'd really love to be able to run those Advanced tools off of credits for the few times that I may need them. That's not to say I wouldn't purchase an Advanced license later, but there's no way to test drive those tools and the workflow I'm hoping to achieve. It's kind of hard selling your boss on the extra expense for a tool that may not actually wind up working. This is essentially the same as what you've done with Network Analyst in enabling credit based use in AGO or Pro. We license Network Analyst and SMP for a single power user, but we also run credit based problems with other users because it's so convenient. I would like to see a similar setup for Advanced tools in Pro.



Why don't you just go get a Trial License? That should give you 21 days of ArcGIS Desktop at the Advanced level. If that's not enough time, just sign up for another trial afterwards.


I agree with John on this one.  For the use case you've provided, using a trial would be appropriate. 


I will try the trial, but things don't always work out in a nice 21 day window. As far as I can tell, the trials don't reset after time has passed either. So 6 months down the road if I want to try something else out, that is no longer an option. I'm just saying, I think ESRI could work out the math pretty easily on a credit based approach. Anyone truly needing an advanced license on a regular basis would not opt for the credits. This is exactly the same as people running VRP problems. If you run enough of them, it pays to move into Network Analyst/SMP vs using the credits every time.


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Yes! All I need is the Symmetrical Difference tool. That's it! Having to buy an advanced license for one tool is insanity.