Enable Anaconda Navigator for ArcGIS Pro

04-11-2018 04:50 PM
Status: Implemented
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It is there, you can install it... it just doesn't work.

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We have all these great tools that could be launched from a cool interface rather than from the command line in your 'proenv' (what's that).

Do you like this??? (ie launching Spyder)

Or this

Jupyter notebook... IPython, Spyder, rstudio and other stuff you don't even know about...  Maybe even an ArcGIS Pro Launch someday.

Of course this totally works if you have a separate conda environment that doesn't include Pro


Pro kills something


Well, when Beta 2.2 is over, all will be revealed.

Thanks to some anonymous snooping and a bit of code fix, it is totally possible.

Anaconda Navigator to control your other anaconda apps


Cloned ArcGIS Pro 2.2 using Anaconda Navigator



You will have to wait until the 'fix' can be revealed or Navigator can be installed directly


Hello Dan,

The issue here is how Anaconda Navigator attempts to start the underlying Python session. We can report this issue upstream to the Anaconda Navigator developers, and have them apply a fix, that's the best long term solution to this since the issue isn't something we can fix directly without permission from Anaconda. That said, I've cleaned up a patch and provided more clear steps on how to get an Pro + Navigator environment:

Patch Anaconda Navigator to use conda executable instead of root python wrapper to conda · GitHub 

If you'd like to see this fixed upstream, we should create an issue with Anaconda and we can follow up there.




That is a good move! 

This looks like the one you provided in Beta 2.2.  (check NumPy Repository... you are a member and I have a recent blog there solely for that group).

ArcGIS Pro doesn't even have to be added to the apps that can be installed or opened, it is the help documentation and other stuff that would be great.

Although it can be used for cloning for those that have to, or updating your environment


I've reached out to one of the Anaconda Navigator developers to see how / if we can submit patches to their upstream source, that's the best way to get this fixed in the long run.


Great Shaun!


Of course replacing the conda window might help


might work for some...

Status changed to: Implemented

Anaconda navigator has made changes to how it calls conda and now works out of the box.