Email maps from ArcMap

08-25-2010 03:56 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Would love to be able to send a map to an email client through need to save a PDF file for those one-time map requests.  It would be much cleaner to just create a map and click File, Send To, Mail Recipient much like Microsoft or Adobe products do.

I would also like to add zip and email data to that as well.
Well it would still need to export to some format before sending. A pretty simple python script could do this. I already send emails from code and with arcpy.mapping being able to export a map to file it would be as easy as running a script tool from a toolbox. The file would export to a temp folder, be sent via email, then deleted. I will have to do some searching to find out how to send an attachment via email from python but I cant imagine it will be too difficult.