Eliminate Build Up of Completed Jobs

11-23-2021 01:31 PM
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Sorry, this is really a question in ArcGIS Ideas, but I think Kory will do a great job answering it.

I just noticed my hard drive was pretty full.  Usually, it's Windows Updates that have built up over time.  This time, I had 120 GB of publishing jobs that had finished and ArcGIS Pro was storing files of some sort related to the publishing process.  Why is this necessary?  If I had an idea, it would be to eliminate the need to do research and figure out why I have 120 GB of storage used up for jobs that published successfully.  Why is this being stored?

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Hi @NathanHeickLACSD I guess it depends on which files you're talking about.

See @JonahLay 's response on https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-questions/should-files-in-staging-area-be-deleting/m-p/5202... 

So if the files in question are those stored in your SharingProcesses folder, you can remove finished jobs:


If what you are seeing is something else, we'll need more information.



Hi @KoryKramer,

Yes, that is what I am talking about.  I just don't understand why the jobs need to build up on my computer at all.  If publishing was successful, why doesn't it get deleted.  I had hundreds of successful map service publishing jobs.  It just seems like an unnecessary step for me.  Maybe there are other reasons it is there.  I am just sharing my viewpoint.



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Hi Nathan,

These files are stored because they are needed for processing sharing jobs. Users can queue up jobs to run while the application isn't open. We don't clear them after completion so that a user can revisit the pane and view the status of jobs, or refresh them if needed. This is very similar to other histories we have in the application that also aren't cleared automatically.  All completed jobs can easily be removed with just a couple clicks by using the Remove Finished Jobs as shown above.