Eliminate Boundaries between polygon with same Attribute Values

04-29-2010 05:23 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Eliminate boundaries between polygon areas with the same attribute value by using symbol level drawing in ArcMap; equivalent to using the ArcPlot DROPLINE command in ArcInfo Workstation.  In ArcPlot it was one command.  Should be as easy as hitting a check box in the properties of a layer.

Some might say "why not just Dissolve" but as the Submitter will be aware DISSOLVE created duplicated data whereas DROPLINE was "on-the-fly" (a very valuable feature).

Yes, when first moving off of ArcInfo workstation to ArcGIS Desktop the ESRI techs kept telling me that a dissolve was equivalent to a DROPLINE.  But DROPLINE is "on-the-fly."   I put in an enhancement request years ago but have no idea what the status is.  With Arcpy the need for this only increases!