Editing existing features with freehand tool

07-25-2011 08:19 AM
Status: Open
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It would be helpful to be able to edit / re-position the vertices of an existing feature (eg. contours)  by drawing it freehand, instead of only the limited Straight Segment or End Point Arc options.
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 If you start editing a feature and click the Reshape Feature tool, you can then use any of the drawing tools to edit the feature. I used the trace tool to edit something this morning.
Yes but I'm talking about reshaping a feature using a freehand edit, not tracing an existing feature or anything else. I've confirmed with an ESRI rep that I can't do this.
My immediate impulse was "of course you can do that!" But when I opened up Arcmap I realised that you can't.

Odd that ESRI propagates all it's other fancy new features through every possible variation of it's use (whether it's appropriate or not!) But don't put freehand into the drawing toolbar. I suppose the only work-around is have a temporary shapefile that you create a new edge in (with freehand) then trace that to reshape the existing dataset. Clumsy solution though. Idea promoted!
it would bre great to use any of those new constuction tools to reshape a polygon. I would love my rectangle back - you could do it in 9.3 - could be a simple fix ;)