Editing dates in ArcGIS Pro for data stored in ArcGIS Online

11-12-2018 12:50 PM
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Recently we have been using ArcGIS Pro to update data stored in ArcGIS Online. This works pretty well except for when we enter date/time values. The dates in ArcGIS Online are stored in UTC, which is fine, but if we edit a date/time in ArcGIS Pro, it is accepted as a UTC date/time. It would be convenient if ArcGIS Pro worked like ArcGIS Online when editing data by recognizing our current timezone and automatically converting and saving it as a UTC date/time. 

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I just noticed the same problem using Syurvey123 forms into a hosted feature layer and then looking at that data in Arc GIS Pro (v2.2.3) vs AGOL web map:

Date and Time: There is an anomaly in DateOfReport that uses now() in the calculation column, and also ITFD_FormBeginTime and ITFD_FormEndTime that use start and end in the type column.

In the form (using ,format-date(${DateOfReport},'%b %e, %Y / %H:%M')) the date & time is “local” and correct.  In ArcGIS Pro, the pop-up that has the hosted feature layer (HFL) added shows the DateOfReport as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (see Arborist Notes where the form calculation)…

concat('UTC Offset: ',${Form_UTC_Offset},' Date/Time of Report: ',format-date(${DateOfReport},'%b %e, %Y / %H:%M'))

was used.  Note that Cooperator Starts and Cooperator Ends are showing UTC (-6 offset). Also Creation Date from AGOL is also UTC.

This record was entered into the form and submitted on January 30, 2019 at 11:40pm (Central Standard Time).  The offset (Form_UTC_Offset) was set using pulldata("@property", 'utcoffset') in the calculation column (type also calculate).

Screen Capture from ArcGIS Pro (v2.2.3)

From an AGOL web map using the same hosted feature layer as used in ArcGIS Pro, we get this pop-up.

Screen Capture from AGOL Hosted Feature Layer

All times are “local” and therefore on correct day!

I’ve checked ArcGIS Pro (v2.2.3) options but don’t see any time settings.