Edit Event Table Data Tools in ArcMap

09-27-2011 01:45 PM
Status: Open
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If you have had event data collected along a linear route against the digitized direction of your line it will be displayed in a reverse order when you run the create route events tool. It would be nice if there was a suite of tools added to the linear referencing tools designed for editing the underlying event table used to make your route event layer. To correct this particular problem mentioned above you could flip the event data so that it now reflects how the data is in the real world along your linear feature.

To illustrate my point see the attached diagram. Let's say you have a road that is 100 m long and the road crew reports an event @ 5m, 40m, and 75m. The crew collected the data against the digitize direction of your road so you need a way to reverse your values. It would be nice if there was a way to quickly get the values such as a Flip Events Tool. This tool will recalculate the values so that in this case they would now be @ 95m, 60m, and 25m in the event data table. Now the events will show up properly where they should be.