Edit Attributes AutoComplete

01-12-2011 01:08 AM
Status: Open
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Quickly complete cell entry by first few characters typed in that match existing entries in the field (AutoComplete in MS Excel). Applies to Attribute Table and Attributes window. Option to select source fields for AutoComplete functionality (external/internal). Provide also possibility to fill one or more cells from drop down list with existing field values. This would significantly ease and speed up editing of repeated entries.
It would be great if while editing the attribute table there would be an autocomplete / autofill option similar to the one in Excel: if the value already exists in the column, give the option to autocomplete the value as it's typed.

This function could be optional and ticked on/off at the ArcMap Options window.
Autocomplete should be everywhere in ArcGIS, especially when realizing that the work with data is essential for GIS applications. Ideas requesting autocomplete functionality: