Easily identify features with attachments in ArcGIS PRO

09-17-2019 08:00 AM
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It would be very useful to be able to very simply identify which features have attachments. It could be a column in the attribute table with a boolean TRUE / FALSE value for the ATTACHMENT field.

Even better, an additional column saying how many attachments are linked to each features.

Thanks in advance


While not entirely built-in, you should be able to accomplish this using some guidance from Visualize your attachments in ArcGIS Online with Arcade 

It looks like you would leverage the Attachments Arcade function Data Functions | ArcGIS for Developers 

Since this was introduced in Arcade 1.6, make sure you're using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.x: Version Matrix | ArcGIS for Developers 


Couldn't you just write a Python function to create this field and then populate it with a true or false based on whether or not there is an attachment? 


Hi Kory, thanks a lot. We'll have to upgrade our ArcGIS PRO version to use the function.

I tried on ArcGIS Online and it seems to work fine with Arcade in test mode but when I want to apply the changes, it tells me "unable to append the data". Do you have any idea why ? I can edit the feature layer.


Yes, I could indeed but I had read that ESRI had done a few devs in this direction so I wondered if a tool or function was about to be released. It is indeed the case according to Kory's message.


In ArcGIS Pro, you can only find out if a record has attachments by selecting the record and opening the Attribute Pane. And you need to scroll down one by one to see any attachments. On the other hand, in AGOL, when you open an attribute table and scroll to the right, you find a Photos and Files column showing if the record has any attachments and also the number of attachments. This will be a great help in ArcGIS Pro when dealing with attachments. It will be great to also have the capability to search records by specific attachments, or simply to select all records with or without attachments. 


Something you could try in the meantime would be to add an Attachments field to your table and calculate the field using Count(Attachments($feature))

That would allow you to sort/select/filter on which features have attachments.





I'm trying to find/write an arcade expression that will return the filename of  an attached pdf. i have a project where i have to attach a one-line electrical pdf to every point (along with jpgs. i have a field "SingleLine Attached" that i would like to populate w/ the attached pdf rather that having to check 300+/- features.

iv'e already used kory's solution to count the attachments, but can't seem to get what i'm looking for.

obviously, arcade skills are minimal...