Dynamic Text - Selected Feature Attributes

12-21-2011 03:23 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to able to add dynamic text to my map layout based on the attributes of selected features. For example, if I select an address point, I would like the attributes (address, APN, parcel ID, type, floor, building, etc.) to be displayed on the bottom of the map, and like I said, only for that one feature.

I do not want to enable data driven pages for this.

This is possible now.

<dyn type="page" property="taxlots.apn"/>
(taxlots = feature class, apn = field)
@enile As far as I know your proposed solution only works with Data Driven Pages enabled.

I was just wishing for an easier way to do something similar with key numbering when labeling.  I had a site plan of about two dozen cabins and mobile homes, and wished I could easily create a key numbering with corresponding attributes like tax ID, property type, etc.  

I ended up inserting a table view and the ObjectID and labeling the features with it.


Table dynamic text in ArcGIS Pro was designed for cases like this. It doesn't honor the selection on the map, but you can implement a custom query to show only certain values. Learn more about how to use it here: Add and modify dynamic text—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation