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Dynamic Text from Relationship Classes

04-07-2010 09:40 PM
Status: Open
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Currently support dynamic text with tables through joins, but would be useful to support dynamic text drawn from either a relate, or a relationship class.


I'm using data driven pages to generate a report for every point that I have (each point represents a store) and I have used Dynamic Text to display the tabular information of these points like store name and size... but I have some information in a table related to this feature by 1-M relationships like names of employees in each store and their ages.

So how can I display the related table information on the layout and make it dynamic so that when I change the page using the data-driven page the info will change also. we don't have anything that allows us to do that.

we should have something that let us do that in the future.


I agree this would be such a great improvement to be able to call out dynamic text through a relationship. 

I have a map series for a Sign Inventory. The way this inventory is done is there is one feature class for the Assembly - this is the pole for the signs. It could be a post or the overhead assembly that signs hang from on a highway/interstate. I have another feature class for the Sign. This is a point for each sign on the assembly. The assembly have the field photos, while the sign feature class doesn't allow attachments. I end up giving each feature class unique ids and also populate the sign feature class with the closest assembly id. I then build a 1:M relationship between the assemblies and signs. In the map series I create blocks or sections for each piece of information. So at the top of the page I start with the assembly information. Then create sign blocks of information for each sign. So depending how many signs on an assembly depends how many sign blocks there are. To be able to get the sign information on the assembly map series I work around the dynamic text limitation by exporting the signs to a table and after some data formatting join them to the assembly (permanent join (join field)). This can make the schema extremely long, however it's my workaround. Being able to show dynamic text of attributes from the relationship would be extremely helpful and save a lot of time. I guess with many records, there would have to be a way to sequentially grab/call that particular attribute in a sequential order every time. I'm also showing the field photos that are related to the assembly in my map series.

I have created map series using table frames and related data before, so I'm well aware of that workflow. Basically would like to do the same, but with dynamic text attributes. In my example above, I have too many fields to be able to show that information through a table. That is why a sign section/block is used.

Please add this idea to map series.