dynamic tables for mapbook

09-29-2011 09:50 AM
Status: Implemented
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Recently I wanted to post some attributes of my index layer of a mapbook as an editable table on my layout.   The table should have the titles of the attributs, the varied values of the attributes and grid lines.   As I go from one page to another, the values should change automatically according to the selected tiles for the specifc page.   I wanted also to have the ability to change the look of the table such as rows to columns.

I was told by tech support that there is no such capacity yet from the current ARC10.

It would be nice to have this fuction added to mapbook capacities.

Please call if you want to know more in detail.

Have you looked at the Graphic Table Element?  Its available in Production Mapping extension.
This is an important feature to have espcecially when creating reports specific to the actual map

This falls under the category of many features that should be available with at most a Pro license. GIS is all about data after all and to be hamstrung with a static table is ridiculous.

Status changed to: Implemented

This is available with Dynamic Tables in ArcGIS Pro. Learn more here: https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/layouts/add-and-modify-table-frames.htm