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Dynamic Scale Using Data Driven Pages

11-06-2013 10:55 PM
Status: Open
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Choosing to set the reference scale in the Data Frame Properties to 'use current scale' should update for each page with a new scale, when Data Driven pages is set to a dynamic scale.

I don't understand the suggested change.  It sounds like you want the scale to update automatically based on each feature, which is what the "data driven scale" option is for.

I would like to use a data driven reference scale.  This would allow me to create clean maps.  I often work with 2 or more scales when creating maps.  Sometimes I would like to set the reference scale to be specific for an index Map that shows all of my map boundaries and sometimes I would like to keep the reference scale the same as the rest of the maps so that it's like a "Blowup View" of the same map.


I'm not sure if my issue is quite the same, but I would like to have the Reference Scale match the map scale as it steps through the Data Driven pages.  I have an attribute that sets the desired map scale for each successive index polygon (they are of variable size).  But, the Reference Scale does not change as you step through; it just stays at whatever it was when the ArcMap session started. 

When you add Dynamic Text>Reference Scale, you actually get a text string that is the true map scale, not the "Reference Scale" as listed in the Data Frame properties. Obviously that Dynamic Text holds the map's scale as a variable; why isn't it passed into the Reference Scale in the Properties?


I am also interested in this solution - I am generating concept plans using a map series and each page is based on a scale associated with a field. Is there a way for the reference scale to be dynamic for each individual page? I set the reference scale to "current map scale" but it then just uses the existing map scale as a static input that does not change from page to page.