Dynamic Feature Clustering For Lines feature Classes

12-20-2021 08:09 AM
Status: Open
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Dynamic Feature Clustering which recently become available on point feature classes in ArcGIS Pro and previously on ArcGIS Online is an effective tool to work with crowd of data which overlapped and stacking close to each other and support many users to have insights on each area regarding numbers of features per specific location.

Imagine that you have the same tool for lines not only points, this is my idea why this tool is not available to lines especially when come to users who are working in different industries related to planning and designing Utilities data, Transportation and Urban planning who are working with tens of lines stacking on top of each other or hundreds of lines closed to each other with different classifications, what will be the case how the planner and designer will study large area which contains tens or maybe hundreds of lines and can decide each type of this line from large extent without having indicators for the number and classes of these lines.

Should the logical workflow to zoom in very small extent until reaching the to see and select them and count them and see their classes or we can use the capability of Dynamic Feature Clustering on lines to cluster each unique class within specific area and give the user total numbers of lines with class names per each area, so it will be mature procedures for planners and designers who explore the map to take decision regarding the lines distributions and gabs or shortage in specific types and area.

It is not mandatory for the users to make generalization tools to see in large extent if we can reach the same result of counting and displaying the features count using on-the-fly clustering instead of increasing more layers in database using generalization if there is no real need for generalized features in database and difficulty to update frequently.


Underneath an image for bulk of lines from large extent which highlight bold lines that consist of many stacking lines on top of each other. Can we apply Dynamic Feature Clustering for lines to have indicators for numbers of lines while exploring the map?