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05-02-2019 06:34 AM
Status: Closed
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Dwfx is Cad format used for inetropabality. It keeps the symbology, fonts, layers, texts, spatial refference.

It would be wondeful if Arcgis Pro would read that format, as if it is a JPG file.

That would enable architects to export their designs into DWFX from Autocad, and be read by ESRI products.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @AnatMarcovich,  

We're interested to learn more about this Idea. While DWFx is not a built-in, supported file format for ArcGIS Pro, read-in is supported for other drawing formats such as DWG (among others). Additional details can be found here.

Can you help us better understand how the use of DWFx is preferred over the other currently supported read-in formats for CAD drawings?

Status changed to: Closed

Thanks once more for posting the idea. As follow-up to the post from 02-27-2024, we are not going to pursue support of DWFx at this time.