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Duplicate both layout and associated maps

01-25-2022 05:23 AM
Status: Open
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Sometimes, I want to create a duplicate of a map but continue using the original one as well. For example, the data displayed might grow too much to be displayed together and split up in two groups. If I copy the map and the layout separately, I need to set the correct map frame. This means I have to re-do extent, the legend, and other items.

At the moment, my workaround for dealing with this is to save the project under a different name, renaming the map and layout, and copying them back into the original one, which is a bit of a long way around.

I would love the option to right-click on a layout and choose: "copy this layout and all associated maps", which creates a duplicate of the layout that is "linked" to the new duplicates of the maps. This happens already between one project and another (as I use for my workaround), but it would be great to have it work within one project as well.


@IlkaIllers1 I think i have a better workaround. But I still agree that this option should be built into the Project UI.

Export a layout template, then reimport that template back into the Pro Project. It then adds new linked maps with _1 at the end of the map names..


@David_Brooks what a great idea.

Thank you! I've taken a screenshot of this post, and I'll try this the next time I need it.


@David_Brooks that was an excellent idea, thank you! Still would like the capability to do this "directly".