Dropdown list of roles and users in Geodatabase Administration tools

01-19-2018 02:10 AM
Status: Open
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Enterprise geodatabase administration tools (Data Management Tools.tbx\Geodatabase Administration) that take user name or role name as an input parameter should expose the list of database user and role names.

Typical tools that would be GREATLY enhanced: Change Privileges and Create Role (as the latter is also used to modify who to a role).

The information on user/role names is obviously already available (contextual menu to assign privileges on a table expose them). The idea/request here is to add behaviour to the toolbox tool to expose the same information, and allow the user to SELECT the user or role, rather than type it in (error-prone).

Example of requested GUI to select, rather than type,  geodatabase role or user name.

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Is there any tool (or arcpy python call) that can list all the current roles that exist currently in a geodatabase?