Drag and Drop instead of arrow buttons

01-31-2011 01:22 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III
Favor mouse Drag and Drop functionality instead of cumbersome arrow buttons used for item organization in dialog boxes. While already present in Fields tab in Layer Properties, still missing everywhere else. Partially requested in Draggind Legend Items, this idea suggest to remove this inconsistency in functionality throughout the ArcGIS, especially in:
  • Layer Properties, Symbology tab
  • Bookmarks Manager
  • Legend Properties, Legend Items tab
  • Label Priority Ranking
  • Group Layer properties, Group tab
Improve inner dialog box drag and drop functionality and extend it beyond single dialog box extent to provide better and flexible interconnection between workspace elements. For example: D&D layer from TOC to Legend, D&D layer to/from Layer Group dialog, D&D layer in Legend dialog Items tab from Map Layers to Legend Items etc.
Including Symbol Layers in Symbol Property Editor dialog.
I agree. I have a layer with over 300 Unique symbol codes (sign faces). Variant codes for the same sign face do not sort together and to move them together can involve hundreds of clicks on the arrow buttons.  You cannot see enough values in the list to be able to effectively group them and if I later want to ungroup them I get a bug that often makes one or more of the ungrouped symbols unmoveable at the top of the list just below the All Other Values symbol and above the Heading row.  Code conversions and standardizations create the problem all over again. I ought to sue when I develop carpal tunnel syndrom from the current one click at a time arrow interface.

The ability to hold down the arrow button to act as a continuous move if held for a few seconds would also be nice. I'd like both drag and drop and continuous arrow movements to work on multiple selected symbols at once also.
I set up ArcMap layer files for colleagues and this can be such a tedious task sorting values up and down the legend symbology list.
I am completely fed up with clicking instead of a simple drag and drop and am definitely going to end up with RSI.  Multiple selections would also be extremely useful in the symbology area as well.

ESRI - This would be such a great improvement.