Double click feature classes or shapefiles in Catalog Pane for Properties Access

11-11-2021 02:14 PM
Status: Open
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This is just a minor change that would be helpful. Allowing users to double click shapefiles or feature classes in your catalog pane to access their properties would be beneficial as you can in the contents pane with features already in your project. Yes, when you right-click these feature classes and shapefiles in the Catalog pane, your mouse is right next to the properties, but the ability to double-click them to accomplish this instead would be excellent!  

Thanks all! I appreciate your work in making Esri products better.


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(originally a separate idea; merged)

It would be helpful if we could double-click an object in Catalog to open the properties dialog.

That would be more convenient than right clicking-->Properties, and would be consistent with ArcMap behavior. Tested in Pro 2.6.8.