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Distributed Database as a tool

11-23-2014 03:28 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II
Create a tool that can be used in an automated workflow rather than the current Distributed Database Wizard. Currently, the wizard requires manually focused extent or feature to graphic creation to use. If the wizard was a tool, it could be used more effectively in a tool or python script to speed up workflows.

DD wizard can be used like Clip to extract/replicate a subsection of a GDB, it can also replicate the entire GDB. DD preserves OBJECTID's and feature class names.

I'd like to see both wizards and tools in Pro as well.  ArcMap's "Extract Data" wizard is especially handy for creating sample datasets to send to Esri tech support.


Please, please, please. Just make the ArcMap Distributed Geodatabase toolbar function Extract Data available as a GP tool in Pro. Very simple tool I use for copying parcel data from my county's arcgis server connection to a file database. From what I've read in the Community it's at least a two step process in Pro.


I can't find a tool in Pro that matches the Extract Data wizard.  I want to extract the schema into an External File GDB without becoming an registered replica.