Dissolve and concatenate text fields into one field with order and deliminator

09-29-2015 12:08 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
When dissolving features it is often useful to get a sumary of the fields. Despite the opportunity to do mathematical operations to number fields (SUM, MIN, MAX...) there is no way of concattenate text fields. This  would be helpfull (e.g. when dissolving multiple points of soil information at the same location and different depths). Additionaly it would be great if its possible to determine a sorting field for the attributes to concatenate.
There is a workaround of spatial-joining points to a polygon and to join text attributes with a deliminator, but no way of spatial joining points to points and no way to determine a joining order.  
I like the idea of concatenating text fields, this would be useful. I guess the issue is that you could potentially create a text value that is very long and what can be stored is dictated by the underlying format (e.g. shapefile vs. geodatabase)

I'm searching for the same problem at the moment.

I have different points with text that muyst be dissolved to a polygon.

Did you find the solution?