Display Z value for 3D features in ArcMap Identify Tool

06-22-2010 04:27 PM
Status: Open
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The Identify tool in ArcMap shows the X,Y coordinate for a feature, but it does not display the Z value for a feature, even if it is a 3D feature type.  The Identify tool should show the Z values for a feature if the data includes a Z value.

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Thank you for posting the idea. I wanted to clarify the functionality in regards to the Identify Tool. Currently the Identify tool displays the geographic coordinates of the location you identify, not specifically the feature you identify. For points these are nearly the same but not exactly the same given the scale at which you identify the feature.
So to get additional information on this idea, So to confirm that the desired functionality in this idea would be to get the coordinate geometry of the identified feature which would include X, Y, Z and even M? Also would you only want this functionality for point features or polyline and polygon as well? If so I would recommend commenting on the similar idea, Display coordinates of feature geometry in identify tool, on the best way to display this information for polyline and polygons.
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This would be even more useful if the X, Y and Z values showed up in the status bar.  This idea was discussed at a MUG meeting with mining geoscience users.