Display X,Y Coordinates at each vertex.

02-21-2013 03:37 AM
Status: Open
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Some times when we print the maps from ArcMap, user may need to display the coordinates at each vertex of the geometry. Now we are adding the X, Y values at each vertex manually. If we can get an option to display coordinates as a graphics for the selected feature or element it would be grate.
I don't know what license level you have, but if you have ArcInfo (or whatever the new equivalent of that is), there is a geoprocessing tool called "Feature Vertices To Points" in the Features Toolset within the Data Management Tools (at least its in v10, so I would assume they left it in v10.1).  With that tool you could create a point feature class from the vertices and then just label the points. 
Just a thought, hope it helps.
@jstreeb: Nice procedure, but why so complicated? Why the user has to duplicate data?

Access to vertex data and their labeling should be much more simple (like requested in I want to view the Sketch Properties (xyz-values) without starting an edit session).

It'd also be nice to be able to just snap to vertices when copying coordinates -- if I want to know the exact coordinates of something, I'm not sure of any easy ways to do that currently without running a GP tool or starting an edit session.