Display the Relate Name instead of target table for Related Data listings

11-22-2019 01:54 PM
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Let's say I have created two relates between two tables, each relate is using different relate fields to join the two tables. One relate is relating by Fruit Type, the other relate is relating by Zip Code. Both relates are pointing to my "Sales" table.

When I select my records and click on the "Related Data" button on the ribbon, there are two listings saying the same thing "Sales" and "Sales". I don't know which one is relating by Fruit Type and which one is relating by Zip Code

When I hover over one of the "Sales" listings, the tool tip that pops up says the same thing as the listing: "Sales"

The Problem

The problem is that I don't know which one to choose to match my desired relate. Yes, I can try one, see the results, and try the other one, but this is totally unproductive especially if I have more than 2 relates with lots of records. It's slow and can be better.

The Idea

Instead of redundantly displaying the target table names in the Related Data listing, display the Relate Name to allow the user to differentiate between two relates that point to the same table. The tool tip already shows the target table name if the user desires that information.

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I agree completely and can I add a couple of other things to do with relates.

I have a situation where I have one feature class with 11 related tables.  I know this isn't optimum but we were just trying to get as much of information out of a old database as possible and trying to keep that information available to the organisation.

In ArcMap when I identify a feature I get a list of all the related tables.  First off as talked about in the previous post it only shows the forward label in the identify window which is much cleaner and easier to use than showing the table name as well as in ArcGIS Pro.

As well as this there is plus icon beside those where there are actual records related so you know which you can ignore.  In ArcGIS Pro you have to open every one to find out if there are any related records or not and this process is SLOW.  In ArcMap all the records are selected in one hit, it takes about 2 seconds to do this.  In ArcGIS Pro it doesn't seem to check for related records until you open the related table and then it takes forever to find them all.

I would like relates to work in ArcGIS Pro the same as in ArcMap - please?Screenshot 2021-11-08 091450.jpgScreenshot 2021-11-08 091524.jpg