Display table in preview tab for ArcCatalog instead of features

12-16-2014 12:14 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
When one opens a database in ArcCatalog, be it an enterprise or a FGDB, usually it is to view some data, do some searches, or perform some geoprocessing operations by use of the tools.
When I use ArcCatalog, the first thing I do is select a layer that I want to preview, and click on the Preview tab. I then have to wait for a few seconds (in this case over 12 seconds) before I can even select the table option to preview it. And this is if I have to review one layer,
Ideally, if ArcCatalog showed the table as the default preview rather than the geography, this process would be much faster.
I believe most people would want to see the table first anyway; they can always select geography if they wish to, but I imagine they would choose ArcMap if they want to review geography, select some features, etc.
I think this should become an option in ArcCatalog options. That way the user can define whether by default he wants to see the geography or the table view in preview tab.
Much needed when working with data on remote servers.  It can take minutes to draw the geography when all you want to know is the feature count.

I have been bothered by the draw time when I just want to look at the table for a while, and just went to find this very setting that you proposed. I think it's a more elegant solution, because as soon as you switch the default to preview the table, there will be an "Idea" to switch it back to geography from folks who think that makes more sense!  Unfortunately it doesn't exist yet, even with this idea being very old.

Anyone know if ArcGIS Pro has fixed this issue? I'm doubting ESRI will bother going back and fixing in Catalog, but it would be nice to know that it's been addressed in Pro for when my organization eventually switches!