Display table frame name in Layout

02-12-2022 03:16 AM
Status: Open
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I am talking about a table frame in a layout. Since it's look like there is a component name (see image below), i was wondering if it's possible to display it in the layout.


Then i understand it's not possible.

But it would be nice to make it possible :

  • most of all, the title would automatically move when items (> lines) are added or removed
  • we wouldn't need to move both the table and the title when want to place the table elsewhere in the layout
  • the title properties could be saved together with the table's style



This should be standard. Tables need titles to differentiate when using variations of the same data. Example: ownership data intersected among various other polygons, where acres by owner is the requested product. Without a title, each table frame shows an owner field and an acres field, but no title differentiating the difference. 


I agree, there should be an option for a title to be dynamically updated along with the table frame as it is moved, or as records are added or removed from the table. For example, I have a table displaying areas in hectares for multiple polygons.  Ideally I could title this table and the title would always be snapped to the top of the table no matter how many records are added or removed.


Right now my workaround is a static text element with a border, which I snap to the table frame manually if I need to adjust the table frame. It's not the most convenient. Thanks everyone


I agree with this, I'd like to include a title in my table frames. 


Agreed! Lining up the text element manually with the table is not the best approach


I also have the same sentiment on this. It would make life so much easier


Please implement this. Table frames are intended to dynamically change in size and they often need a title in a layout. In a table anchored near the bottom of a layout, using a text element for title requires manually shifting up and down with the top of the table for each page


I agree with this request.