Display coordinates of feature geometry in identify tool.

04-16-2010 02:27 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be better to get the coordinate information about the feature geometry displayed when identify tool is used.  This can be simple X and Y coordinates for the point feature.  And for all other larger geometries like polyline, polygon etc, an optional show geometrical coordinates button can be used.  The user can have the option of either seeing the geometrical coordinates or not.

 I think what you are trying to say is that it would be beneficial to be able to open the Sketch Properties window through the Identify tool.  That seems like an extra step to me.
The Identify button already displays the X,Y coordinate of a point feature.  But, it does not display the coordinate geometry for lines/polygons, nor does it display the Z value for PointZ.
Thank you for posting the idea. I wanted to seek a little clarification on this idea to better understand the exact functionality you are looking for. Currently the identify tool displays the coordinates of the location you identify. It currently has nothing to do with the feature(s) you identify other than the fact that the feature will share some relation geographically to the location you click. See Identifying Features for more information on this.

I believe in regards to the coordinates of the point feature this is pretty well covered, but my question is how would you recommend this is represented for polylines or polygons. For these features coordinate geometry is stored with each vertex. Features could have a limitless number of vertices and representing the coordinates of each vertex in the indentify window could become problematic. Any additional feedabck that can be provided on this idea would be helpful.
Great idea, I find myself seeking for that information and using the obselate "write features to text file",
I'm adding the same for the attribute table as an idea.
 Hi Chris Fox,

I came across a situation where I had to check the coordinates of the polyline and polygon for their correctness.   As a arcobjects developer, I could manage to achieve the task by writing a simple tool to read the geometry of the polyline and polygon features.  

I thought of submitting this idea that if this is inbuilt in the arcgis it would benefit others.  Currently as you say the x,y coordinates of the user clicked point is displayed.  If i want to see the list of x,y values of all the vertices of the polyline and polygon, their should be an popup ui to show paginated list of x,y value pairs of all the vertices.  

I also agree that the vertices for polyline and polygon would be a huge list and will add performance overhead.  To avoid this issue, this popup can be made optional without pulling out the data when the identify tool ui is displayed.  If and only if the user needs to view the coordinates for any reason, then the data can be retrieved processed and shown in pages, in an efficient manner possible.

One thing i missed out, if the features are 3D then additional z values to be displayed where applicable.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to this feature in the future versions of the product.   

i agree

similarly i would like to raise the fact that is no way to change the location unit of the GPS status to easting and northing.
Apparently it is hard-coded and has nothing to do with the projection of your map.
Even the most basic handheld gps allows the user to display their location with different coordinate systems.

please have a look at this for the next release
I would like something like this as well. I thought a popup with xyz-values when clicking a point/vertex would be nice, or being able to view the coordinates (including z/m) like in (Edit) Sketch Properties, but without having to start an edit-session.
Yes I would like something like this as well.  It would be great for example to click on a 3DZ line feature (in ArcMap and/or ArcScene and get the X, Y, Z and M value for the point where you clicked (snap to deature edge). Something similar to the 'identify route location' tool, except add in the Z value.
I need it for work with multipoints.
For point features it is already possible to view the exact coordinates:
- Click Identify tool
- Click on (near) point feature
- In the Identify tool click on the feature's name
- At  Location you see the exact coordinates

But it would be nice to have a button to view exact coordinates of the vertices of polylines or polygons.