Disable Select for Display Filtered Features

03-15-2022 08:32 AM
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We use display filters by scale extensively in our ArcGIS Pro maps, both for cartography and editing workflows. If a feature is not visible due to a display filter, you are currently able to select those features. This leads to many situations where we are editing features we did not intend to edit.

The ability to select features that are not visible at your current scale due to a display filter should be disabled.






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This is as-designed and is one reason display filters are a different concept than definition queries. As noted in the help:

"When a display filter is active, all features in the layer remain in the layer's attribute table and can be selected, identified, edited, and be available for geoprocessing operations."


@CraigWilliams Thank you for taking a look at this.

Okay maybe I should have added more details. I would specifically like for the manual select via the map(ex: drawing a square to select) to be disabled or some kind of toggle that would allow for this. Perhaps this can still be considered?

I agree that everything should still exist in the attribute table and be selected through there and the geoprocessing tools.


@CraigWilliams  I see your response above but agree with Brett. I believe there needs to be a toggle or setting to better define what's selected if this is by design. When editing it's too easy to unintentionally modify/edit data when selecting in bulk. This recently happened to us. I'm sure as more users find themselves using display filters they'll run into this issue as well. 



Adding my vote for the ability to disable feature selectability when the features are invisible. You cite a definition query as the alternative, but to my knowledge you can't make definition queries scale dependent. Having this option would make the layer really dynamic and save the need for multiple layers.

Imagine displaying the countries of the UK at smaller scales and then replacing them with the counties as you zoomed in. If a non-savy GIS user comes to edit the data and inadvertently selects one of the "invisible" counties, when they intend to make edits to a whole country that is a bad user experience