Disable Extensions at Start Up

10-05-2011 07:41 AM
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We need a way to automatically disable extentions at ArcGIS Desktop start-up to prevent users from checking out extensions when they do not need them.

I demoted this item by accident, I had meant to PROMOTE it.
Very good idea - we definitely would need this functionality too.
Our users keep forgetting to turn off the extensions – and we allways run out of extension licenses eventhough the users do not need them.
At least as an alternative, do not enable extensions until they are triggered by activation buttons on the associated toolbars?

I am constantly stealing our 3D analyst extension when using 2D arcmap even though I am not using any of the 3D analyst functionality. Add a button to the toolbar to engage the 3D analyst / query the license server in lieu of it grabbing the extension automatically.


I admit I am not impartial, but as this question has been raised here and on

Auto UnCheck Extensions

I feel free to promote our solution to the problem.

OpenLM provides the means to

1. Turn off licensed extensions on shut-down

2. Release idle extension licenses

3. Set license usage level per user/workstation.

Each of these approaches will accommodate the need you have expressed here.

Please observe this end of this document, (which I will shortly revise).

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Ori Kaplan

OpenLM - License Management


Provide functionality that disables concurrent extension license when ArcGIS Pro application is closed rather than extension automatically added , once ArcGIS Pro is opened for a new session can choose to enable extension if needed. (ENH-000146574)


Thanks for proposing Jerv. This will be useful for organisations who use concurrent licenses and extensions, when people assign an extension to their Pro and forgot to release it, the extension will always bind with this machine whenever the ArcGIS Pro is running. It cause troubles when extensions are in high demand use.

As some other applications has the idea to get maximum time of token usage (like AWS), hope ESRI can develop ‘permanently release extension when Pro is closed until manually assign extension again’ function.