Devleloping New ArcGIS Extenison for Lidar data Analysis

01-05-2014 10:15 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
The purpose of this extension is to provide end users with the ability to perform data managment and Lidar analysis and ArcGIS Server visulisation and filtering instead of depending on other softwares that might not be integrated with ESRI Products to perform this operation . I liked the concept of Raster functions , I think this ligic also will be very usefull when dealing with Lidar data in general.

Other companies had built tools for Lidar data managment like "Overwatch Company" and they name it as "Lidar Analyst" but its sold seperatly and had diffrent logic of dealing with Lidar Data , therefore I hope software engineers study the possibility of having this extension with more functionalities as part of ESRI Desktop and Server Extension

Also for ArcGIS For server , the same logic built earlier to manage Raster Mosaic datasets through the use of Image Server would be helpful if impelementing server side analysis on Lidar Data through similiar concepts "Lidar Server extension"

I know that ESRI has mutible tools to manage Lidar data for a certain extent , but its not fulfiling the full need.