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Desktop interface to cooperate w/ custom DPI font magnification in Windows

07-16-2013 10:54 AM
Status: Open
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Even though ESRI will not act on this I feel compelled to ask anyway:

Would it be possible to make the desktop interface of ESRI products behave even if a Windows user sets a custom font size under the screen resolution options?  I prefer to use an intermediate size, which works well with everything else installed on the PC, but with ESRI causes problems with the user interface:  directories, such as the Table of contents as well as catalog and toolbox items, plus the stand-alone ArcCatalog show items with GINORMOUS text sizes, while menu bars, etc. display very tiny font sizes and point several inches away from where the mouse pointer actually is, causing me to accidentally click on the wrong choices.

The only solution is to go with Windows preset font magnifications, which are either much too large or much too small.  I have to pattern the rest of my PC use around the limitations with ESRI's interface, and it's not much of a solution in my opinion.



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This post is from a long time ago, but I would like to re-submit.  For those of us with less than perfect eyesight (even with corrective lenses) reading popup windows, menus, text in various tools etc. is frustrating.  Yes, I can make the table font larger - thank you for that.  But as the OP said, most of the other text is still too small.  Even setting intermediate text size in Windows often leads to boxes not showing fully.  This is not just an ESRI issue - it happens frequently with web pages.  Sometimes the button to click "okay" is enlarged but it is not reachable to click - you can see the top edge of the okay button, but can't quite reach it to click, and cannot always get cursor on it to use 'enter' on keyboard.