Definition query indication in TOC

11-15-2021 05:28 AM
Status: Closed
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The layers in TOC doesn't show if a query has been defined unless you tcheck in properties. This causes a problem when making regular functions like export, edit, uses in modelbuider or arctoolbox etc without first tcheck in properties. A simple indication (like a change of font, color etc) will be very helpfull

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This idea is a duplicate of See that link for how to filter the Contents to show layers with an active definition query.


Thanks for the link, it can be useful sometimes to filter by active definition queries.. but most of the time you're in the regular mode, you are not awared untill you to think to tcheck or filter.. I have to rename the layer each time i define a query to avoid errors, i just thought it would be so nice to be aware, thanks!


An icon next to the layers' checkbox would be great! JakeKrall_0-1637002765302.png This would show if a definition query was set.