Default Legend Item Properties

11-16-2012 09:14 PM
Status: Closed
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Please consider an option to allow a user to define default legend iterm properties such as font settings and visibility for current extent even if there are no layers present in the map. This is very necessary for creating map templates that have empty data frames. It is also necessary for using the new export map GP tool for ArcServer 10.1 with custom templates. Blank templates are very useful for both ArcMap and ArcServer, but setting legend properties without a layer is not currently possible. Also, if a layer is used to set the properties and then removed and the blank template is saved, the settings are lost.



Yes, please make this available in ArcMap. It is a total pain if I want to change the font or the color of the text in my legend to have to do it for every layer plus any new layer I may add.

Status changed to: Closed

Closing, as this is available in ArcGIS Pro with default legend items and legend item styles. Learn more here: Work with a legend item